Pete’s Story

by Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus

This piece about a friend of State Director Michael Newbern is the second in a series on how campus firearms bans effectively make students, faculty, and staff vulnerable off-campus. Contact OhioSCC through our Facebook to share your story.

Pete and I were first introduced earlier this year by a mutual friend, Linda Walker and have since become good friends. Pete is a pretty nice guy. He’s really into guns and so am I. We go shooting and to gun shows from time to time. We usually have lunch together about once a week.

He’s also really into computers. He’s into computers so much that he works in Information Technology at Ohio State University. Although he’s a small guy, he’s not your typical run of the mill nerd.

Pete is just plain amazing. Every minute I spend with him, I learn something new. I am also reminded that I’ve got it pretty good. He reminds me of that with his friendship. He also reminds me of that by being blind and taking responsibility for himself.

Yes, Peter is a blind shooter. He is also a concealed handgun licensee. He shoots better than some sighted people I know. Pete can see shapes at ten feet in good light. He uses a laser on his pistols.

Yes, I said pistols! Pete has more guns than I do. And I’ve got a few!

Pete is the kind of guy some folks might consider excessive with his carry habits. Pete carries a gun and a couple of spare magazines EVERYWHERE he goes that he is legally able to.


He puts his pistol on as soon as he gets home from work. He works on campus for the University so he can’t wear it to work or from. He wears it when he walks to the grocery store. He wears it when he’s out socializing with friends. I think the one place he’s allowed to wear where he doesn’t is in the shower and even then I am certain it is close by.

Now, I said that some folks may consider that excessive. But it may have very well saved his life on more than one occasion. There is one incident he told me about that sticks out above all others.

Pete was at home after work one day. The sun was just setting when someone knocked on his door. He went to the door and spoke to the visitor through it.

Pete’s visitor told him he was with the gas company and needed to check something out it his apartment as there was a leak nearby. Pete said he would like to see some identification and cracked open his door. Once he got the door open, his visitor pushed his way saying something to the effect of he “didn’t need to show no ####ing ID!”

Pete found himself on his back with two very large shapes standing over him.

Pete drew his Glock 19 from its holster and put a red dot on the center of the shape closest to him. He recounted that moment to me saying “that draw probably wasn’t the smoothest in the world. But, Mike, it was the fastest I could get it out.”

He didn’t stay on his back for long. The intruders saw his gun and the red dot. It was that very moment they decided the bang end of a Glock 19 is not where they wanted to be. One said, “Oh ####! He has a gun!” They fled.

Pete immediately called Columbus’ finest to report the assault. Only two people know what those intruders ultimately planned to do once inside Pete’s house and they weren’t talking to the police. The officers that responded to Pete opined that he was targeted because he was blind.

A small blind computer nerd would be an easy score for two thugs.

If that nerd weren’t Pete the score would be easy. Instead two thugs ran off thankful their target didn’t discharge 9mm 124 grain Hornady Critical Defense rounds in place of that red dot. The hot tip they got turned out to be a dud.

Pete was lucky that day. He was lucky his training resulted in the correct response. He was also VERY lucky those thugs weren’t waiting for him to get home. How could that encounter have been different if he were rushed as he walked into his door?

He works on campus. He is blind. Even if he wanted to violate OSU employee policy and store a firearm in his vehicle, which he is allowed to by law, he can’t. He doesn’t own a car.

Had those thugs been there just a few minutes prior, Pete could very well be dead. At the very least, he would probably have been robbed blind. That campus carry ban really protects Pete, huh?

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