Email to Our Fellow Buckeyes

by Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus

Last night, we sent out an email to the student body at Ohio State. The email is pretty self-explanatory. Here it is in its entirety:

Dear Fellow Buckeye —

Last night, a girl was robbed at gunpoint just outside Hitchcock Hall. This was just one of 2 violent crimes that have occurred on campus this week.

There have also been 30 incidents of violent crimes in the nearby off-campus area – all within your first few days of school.

Do you remember the very public rash of crimes this time last year? Well, the problem still has not been solved.

It’s already happening again – just days into our school year.

Being left defenseless in a life-threatening situation shouldn’t be your only option. But at OSU, you are left with no choice. Law-abiding citizens are restricted from carrying concealed handguns on campus while criminals will use them to prey upon unarmed students.

How could life be different if students were allowed to defend themselves with these life-saving tools? Watch this video:

Stand with Buckeyes for Concealed Carry and REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM!

There are 2 things you can do:

  1. Contact President Gee and tell him that you think students should have a RIGHT to DEFEND themselves. Call/Email: 614-292-2424,
  2. Sign our petition (click here). Tell Ohio’s lawmakers and university presidents it’s time we empower victims, not criminals.

To learn more about Buckeyes for Concealed Carry, come to our meeting this Wednesday night 08/29 @ 7pm in Central Classroom 243. You can also reply to this email to receive our updates.

Buckeyes for Concealed Carry is a non-partisan group of Ohio State students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, as well as fans and other non-affiliates whose sole mission is to restore the right of law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms on all public university campuses in Ohio. We accomplish this mission by educating the public, university, officials, and lawmakers on the facts of campus carry and lobbying to remove the restrictions on campus carry from the Ohio Revised Code.

We are getting a more positive than negative response.

  • Our Facebook page fan-base increased by 25% overnight
  • The number of signatures to our petition has increased by 200% overnight.
  • We have received 60 or so negative emails and ten or so positive emails.
  • We have had a few people CC us on correspondence to Gordon Gee asking him to reconsider OSU’s policies.

People are talking about us and our message. The 60 negative emails expose ignorance and irrational fears. They are making the same arguments we hear time and time again. They are talking about us in your classrooms, on their facebook pages, in the dorms, in the Greek houses. They may doing so in the same ignorant context as the ones that replied to the email.

We must engage these dissidents and explain our message. We must seize this opportunity to spread the truth. We must do so with tact and dignity.

Our message is simple.

  • We don’t want to change who can carry, just where those that are licensed to carry can carry.
  • We don’t want to arm students, we want to restore their right to choose how they defend themselves.
  • Students are carrying firearms for self-defense legally right now in many areas off campus. Why is campus different?
  • When you ban legal carry on campus, you effectively disarm us from the time we leave home until we return. It’s that walk across High Street at midnight after a long day of studying where we are most vulnerable and disarmed.
  • The drunk armed student myth is just that; a myth. Students can carry into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol right now as long as they don’t consume. Blood is not pouring out of our bars as predicted. In fact, Chitfest and Woodfest are both in areas where students can carry and they are not getting drunk and shooting each other up.

Stay on topic. Do not engage on background checks, gun bans, or any other distraction from the fact that we want to make it legal for those that already can carry off campus to carry on campus. Do not get angry, even though you will more than likely become frustrated.

You can always fall back on the fact that the apocalyptic predictions have not come true on the 220 campuses allowing concealed carry in six states. In fact CSU allowed campus carry after the Colorado legislature passed it and CU did not. Crime increased on campus and in the areas surrounding campus at CU and decreased at CSU in an inverse relationship since then.

Stay strong! We’re winning! Staying the course will eventually restore the right to self-defense.

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