Block Watch Program Calls for Proactive Students

by Michael Newbern


Block Watch Program Calls for Proactive Students

Dr Javaune Adams-Gaston, Ohio State Vice President for Student Life, shared the special committee on public safety’s recommended implementations put in place to “improve our community’s safety.” The committee was formed by Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee in response to crime activity in Columbus’ University District during autumn quarter 2011. Although Dr Adams-Gaston was “pleased” to share the news with students, some of Ohio State’s students, faculty, and staff find the plans and policies inadequate.

Michael Newbern of Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus notes that several new policies and plans will help. “I am particularly interested in the Buckeye Block Watch program,” Newbern said.

Dr Adam-Gaston wrote in an email to students on Wednesday December 21, 2011 that the university and student leadership established the “Buckeye Block Watch program to build safer neighborhoods by creating awareness of potential threats. Through this program, we will encourage students to become more involved and take a proactive approach to crime prevention and safety.”

Newbern said that his group believes the Buckeye Block Watch program indicates the university administration is receptive to the idea of lawful campus concealed carry. “We are happy that the University is encouraging us to take responsibility for our own safety and help prevent crime,” he said. “That’s exactly what the students, faculty, and staff with concealed handgun licenses want to do!”

Newbern points out that criminals fear armed citizens more than the police and crime decreases when law-abiding citizens are permitted to arm themselves. “Researchers Wright and Rossi interviewed 1800 felons serving sentences for violent crimes and found that 53% did not commit a specific crime for fear that the victim was armed,” he said. “Dr John Lott’s research confirms that violent crime rates are lower in areas with liberal firearm ownership and carry laws. The FBI just reported that violent crime is down for the fourth consecutive year despite a poor economy. All the while states have been repealing strict gun control laws,” he said concluding that “this is no coincidence.”

Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus is actively lobbying for change to Ohio law removing the ban on campus concealed carry. “Now that the university is encouraging us to become more involved and proactively prevent crime, I welcome them in joining,” he exclaimed. “Campus carry is the single most proactive prevention measure we can take.”


Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus is an undergraduate student organization at Ohio State University. The group’s sole mission is to restore the right of law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms on all public university campuses in Ohio. The group works to accomplish this mission by educating the public, university, officials, and lawmakers on the facts of campus carry and lobbying to remove the restrictions on campus carry from the Ohio Revised Code.

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