Ohio Firearms & Concealed Carry Resources:

Ohio Attorney General – This website contains official information from the State of Ohio on concealed carry, including an electronic copy of the booklet summarizing concealed carry laws, self defense, use of force, and dispute resolution. This book is required reading for all Ohio Concealed Handgun License applicants. This website also has links to statistics and application forms.

Franklin County Sheriff Concealed Carry information – Residents of Franklin County may visit this website for information related to submitting an application to carry a concealed handgun. Appointments are required for all applicants except those applying for a Temporary Emergency License (TEL.)

Ohio Firearms and Concealed Carry laws – Links to the key sections of Ohio law that are related to guns and concealed carry.

Ohioans For Concealed Carry – Ohio’s premier grassroots concealed carry rights organization.

Buckeye Firearms Association – Ohio’s premier firearms rights organization.


National Firearms & Concealed Carry Resources:

National Rifle Association – America’s oldest organization dedicated to defending Second Amendment rights through lobbying, education, and training.

NRA University – NRA U is a two-hour training seminar for college students interested in learning more about NRA, the Second Amendment, gun safety, legislative threats to gun rights and the gun control debate.

Gun Owners of America – A lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners.

Handgunlaw.US – Great resource on gun laws throughout the United States, including reciprocity issues, links to statutes, etc. Note that it is always wise to verify the laws you read about on any website as laws can and do change.