Full steam ahead

by Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus

[Some members of Buckeyes for Concealed Carry (left of center in photo) participate in a demonstration at Columbus, Ohio’s City Hall, to bring the dialogue of ineffectiveness of gun free zones to the state/national gun debate.]



The Buckeyes for Concealed Campus on Campus (BCCC) wheels have been quietly turning through these cold months since the fundraiser dinner last November.

The November fundraiser was a huge success, netting nearly $3,000 for Buckeyes for Concealed Carry’s efforts to restore our rights to self defense at The Ohio State University. The dinner capped off a phenomenal year of fundraising closing 2012 out at nearly $13,000, which BCCC reports as going towards litigation efforts on the grounds of ORC 9.68 (firearms preemption).  Currently, The Ohio State University does not allow for the student storing of firearms in a motor vehicle at the university. The student code of conduct section 3335-23-04 (E) prohibits;

           “Storage or possession of dangerous weapons, devices, or substances including, but not limited to, firearms, ammunition, or fireworks, unless authorized by and
            appropriate university official or permitted by a university policy, even if otherwise permitted by law. Use or misuse of weapons, devices, or substances in a manner
            that causes or threatens serious harm to the safety or security of others.”

 With the OSU administration expressing their “unequivocal opposition” to firearms on campus PERIOD, Buckeyes for Concealed Carry is forced to address their concerns in court. “We’ve brought it [students right to leave a firearm in a vehicle] to the attention of the university. They have failed to acknowledge us. So we have to sue them”, said Students for Concealed Carry State Director of Ohio; Michael Newbern.

Being located in the capital city of Ohio, Buckeyes for Concealed Carry has the luxury of easy access to meeting elected officials. BCCC has taken advantage of this resource to work on legislation for unrestricted campus carry for licensees, which is the ultimate goal of the student group. Group president, Joe Smith said “We don’t want to change who can carry, or what someone has to do to carry. We want to change where those licensed to carry a firearm can carry. Gun free zones are a proven ineffective strategy. We’re tired of being vulnerable at school, and disarmed when we leave”.

Legislation and litigation aren’t the only things Buckeyes for Concealed Carry have been up to. The Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (OCAGV) partnered with One Million Moms for Gun Control, and held a rally at the City Hall in Columbus, Ohio on February 23, 2013. The event allegedly wanted to discuss “sensible gun laws”, yet the speakers at the event failed to consider opposing points of view. BCCC attended to counter demonstrate. “Gun free zones are ineffective, but nobody is bringing that dialogue to the discussion of sensible gun laws. Sensible gun laws do not have to mean more laws. We think sensible means less. Less in regards to where I am and am not allowed to carry my firearm”, said Joe Smith.


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