About Us

Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus is an undergraduate student organization at Ohio State University. We are The Ohio State chapter of Students for Concealed Carry. While we are officially a student organization, membership is open to all Buckeyes, both affiliates (faculty, staff, graduate students) and non-affiliates.

A handful of students started Buckeyes for Concealed Carry on Campus during the Autumn quarter of 2011. The group joined Students for Concealed Carry and quickly became the premier gun rights student group in Ohio. The Leadership Institute selected Buckeyes for Concealed Carry as one of eleven campus victories in the nation.

Our sole mission is to restore the right of law-abiding citizens to carry concealed firearms on all public university campuses in Ohio. We work to accomplish this mission by educating the public, university, officials, and lawmakers on the facts of campus carry and lobbying to remove the restrictions on campus carry from the Ohio Revised Code.

Membership information is obtained at one of our bi-monthly meetings. Check our Facebook and events calendar for information on upcoming meetings.